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July 9, No meeting, National Convention, Orlando FL
Due to scheduling conflicts we shifted our month off to July and will have a meeting on August

August 13, 2-4p: Art Fair Scarf from ‘vintage’ T-shirts
Gretchen will be teaching us how to make the fashion scarf pictured below.
August Scarf

August Scarf Class

Description and Supply list :
“I would like to share with you 3 scarves that I purchased at art fairs.

They are made by people like us! One of them was originally $35. I bought them to copy and then make my version of the scarves as gifts. Some will be gifts to myself!

I would also like to give you a chance to copy them. And I am gifting you with the time to prepare to make one of them and the option to make it with me. So bring your sewing machine. Prepare by cutting up colorful T shirts before the meeting. We all have T shirts from our kids and sports or with sayings from work or charity runs. Often we donate them because we have so many T shirts. This project requires 36 squares of 6 inches per side. It doesn’t matter if the square still has the hem in it or if the square has some lettering on it. At least it didn’t matter to the art fair sewer who sold them with “artistic flair”.

It is great to include some black/white stripes as some of your squares. Linda Lee and Marcy Tilton say that black/white grounds the colors that you associate with them. And both those ladies have an “eye” for appealing combinations.

At some points in construction, it will be 6 squares thick. All squares were cotton/lycra or cotton/poly. There was no rayon jersey intermingled. But you can make as you wish. I think it would be best to have consistent “thickness”. I think it could be made with all jersey knits – I just would be consistent.

So if you don’t have T shirts to cut up, knit fabric remnants would be perfect. Use colors that appeal to you. Use fabric /T shirt scraps. Remember that the first one is always a learning experience. You can make gifts after that!

So bring:
36 squares – each 6 inches on a side
Squares should be of knit fabric that is similar weight
Bring coordinating or neutral thread (like gray or black)
Sewing machine that does a straight stitch

I chose the colorful scarf with squares to make at the meeting since it only requires a straight stitch and t shirts or fabric scraps to complete.

See the pictures of the other 2 scarves, below, that I will bring to copy. These scarves require a serger or special decorative threads and stitches. Probably not best for a group activity. But they are very interesting and I know you could make your own version.”

Art Fair Scarfs to Copy

Art Fair Scarfs to Copy

September 10, 2-4p: Exploring ASG Online

     Do you get all the benefits of your ASG membership.  Did you now there are many video classes (over 100 if I am not mistaken) on the ASG web site?  Have you ever taken the opportunity to check them out?  We will be taking a closer look at all the available benefits of your ASG membership.


To see the full Schedule for 2017 please go to our Events Page



Pictures:  It is always fun to have updated pictures of things our members have been making.  Send pictures of your  projects, sewing room or from meetings to webmistress@asgcolumbusoh.com and they will be posted to the member gallery.

Note:  There is a member only page set up on the web site.  There currently is no content available on that page. Once there is content available on that page (ie Newsletters or class notes), be assured that an email will be sent out with the password to all our Columbus membership.


Fabric or Crafting Donations:  Do you have craft items to donate and you are not sure who might accept them?  We learned about the Goodwill Art Studio and Gallery that might be interested in accepting donations please contact them directly.  Their web site is http://www.goodwillcolumbus.org/programs-and-services/art-studio-and-gallery/

Local Charity Projects: We have several charity projects that we work on as a chapter.

Items for Touching Little Lives: Columbus chapter member, Joyce, is our contact for this project.   We have made several items to donate at past meetings.  If you would like to contribute fabrics or make items for this worthwhile cause, contact us and we can get you instructions on making the items.  Additionally, you can go the Touching Little Lives web site for more information.

Walker bags:  While we have made these in the past we have lost touch with our previous contact.  If you would like to continue to make these bags, which are well liked, we have several other locations where we can donate them.  This is an easy project to make and so we think it is a great way to help out in our local community.  The instructions (with pictures) can be found by clicking Walker Bag Pattern.  You can make some adjustments to the pattern but keep the width the same and keep the velcro, that attaches the bag to the walker, as described in the instructions.  Optional adjustments we discussed are adding pleats and/or elastic to the pockets.